Teacher for Missionary Kids

Would you happen to be a fluent French speaking teacher? We urgently need you to teach the subjects according to a French correspondence course, CNED, from grades two through six. These are children of parents who work with village people in a remote region of Madagascar.
Their desire is to develop a new programme in a local school for future missionary children so that they will not be dependent on the CNED correspondence programme, but based dependent on correspondence courses from the outside. This would be a unique programme adapted to each child.

Matt and Sarah Sherratt, Hannah, Jacob, Chloe and Bethany

Matt and Sarah are serving in the Good News Hospital in Mandritsara, where Matt is an anaesthetist and a surgeon. Sarah has worked as a history teacher, and for an organisation involved in evangelism in UK schools. She also teaches English at the Good News School. The family is sent and supported by Myton Church, Warwick.

If you would like to pray regularly for Matt, Sarah and the family, please click here.

Please pray

  • For wisdom about the future as their family grows up

Naomi Coleman

Naomi is teaching the children of mission workers in Mandritsara, Madagascar. Most of their parents work in a mission hospital which treats some of the poorest people on the island. Naomi, who is sent by Cambray Baptist Church, Cheltenham, lives on the hospital compound, where there is also the school, a radio station and a church. 

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