South America

Guest House Manager

SIM Paraguay is committed to caring for their missionaries! Serving in the rural countryside, team members inevitably need to come to the Guest House in the capital city of Asuncion to take care of business and personal needs. It is of utmost importance that the Guest House be a place of refuge where missionaries can relax and comfortably carry out their responsibilities in a clean, safe, and well managed environment. The ministry of a Guest House Manager will directily impact SIM Paraguay's overall ministry enabling their missionaries to more effectively serve!

First Nations Peoples Advocate and Missions Mobilizer

Christian tribal leaders of Paraguay are asking to be trained and empowered so they can take the Gospel to other tribal communities where there are no Christ followers. SIM wants to work together with these leaders so they can complete this task.
Because SIM Paraguay takes this need seriously we are looking for special people to assist in the design and leading this ministry.
If you have a servant spirit and are passionate about empowering others to share the Gospel please inquire further about this position.

HIV and AIDS Ministry Assistant Coordinator

Are you touched by the suffering of those dealing with HIV and AIDS issues? Now you can do something!
It seems that much of the world has moved on and forgotten about HIV, but for those in Paraguay living with it, life is a daily struggle. SIM Paraguay desires to show God's love to them through practical ministies of care and by presenting the Gospel of salvation through Christ alone to these people.

Indigenous Student Ministry

In Santa Cruz, the rural indigenous populations are some of the least reached with the gospel and the most marginalized by Bolivian society. When some of the youth are able to finish high school and go to university in the big city, they leave their family, village, and culture behind.

Administrative Member of Christian Motorcyclist Association

If you have a passion for souls and like motorcycles, you will be blessed joining the Christian Motorcyclist Association effort in Peru through SIM. In this ministry we emulate Jesus by BEING with the ones he came to save by showing the love of Christ . . . We emphasize friendship evangelism and reaching the bikers one heart at a time. There are hundreds of thousands of bikers in Peru and over 30 motorcycles clubs just in Lima alone. Come to Peru and "Ride for the Son."


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