Visiting Physicians Various Specialties at Bembereke Hospital

Are you a physician with the freedom to take time off to use your specialty to help those with severe or lingering medical needs? Bembereke Hospital in Benin has its own national physicians and a surgeon, but specialists are hard to come by. For the last number of years, a retired orthopedic surgeon from Switzerland has been visiting the hospital for a month each year. Orthopedic cases are lined up for the weeks he is there.

Deputy Director and Team Leader for Benin-Togo Area

Are you an administrator who's ready for a new ministry challenge added to some typical leadership and office responsibilities? SIM Benin is looking for you!
You would head up a new, strategic, multi-mission outreach to the predominate people group in the north of Benin, the De*ndi. Some work is already being done, some missionaries (national and expatriate) are already in place or ready to go, some outreach materials are already being used, and some fruit has already been seen, but to really go forward, a leader is needed to mobilize, coordinate, and oversee the initiative.

Pediatrician at Bembereke Hospital

If you could alleviate the suffering in the world for children and babies, would you do it? If you are a pediatrician, you have that opportunity right now. Bembereke Hospital is a well-established, well-recognized hospital in the rural north of Benin in West Africa. It was started over 50 years ago by SIM and is now run by SIM's partner church. This 240-bed hospital is staffed by a team of qualified Beninese doctors but is desperately in need of a pediatrician. Few pediatricians work in the country, and those few are not interested in working in the rural north.

Primary School Teacher

Are you a primary school teacher who is up for the challenge of using your skills to help both missionaries and Beninese? The Benin field has a need for a primary or elementary teacher to teach a small group of missionary children, enabling their parents to be fully involved in their other ministries. As this would not be an "all-day" position, the teacher would also be encouraged to share in training Beninese teachers in national schools.

Children's Ministries Within Local Churches

With almost half the population of Benin under 15, SIM's partner churches are looking for missionaries to come alongside them to better develop their children's ministries. If you have experience in children's ministries and God has given you a burden for evangelizing and discipling children, these churches would love to have you join them in teaching and training their own children, evangelizing non-Christian children in the neighborhood, and, at the same time, training their own people to carry on these ministries themselves.

Teacher, Teacher's Aide, or Staff for a Girls' School

Talita, a training center for girls in Nikki was started a number of years ago to provide spiritual training and a basic level of education for adolescent Bariba village girls (ages 15-20) who have had very little or no formal schooling. This school has a Beninois teacher for the academic subjects; this position for someone with teaching or training qualifications would involve assisting with the needs of the school according to your training, abilities, and taste.


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