Dakar Academy School Teachers

Do you enjoy working with children? If so, this is an opportunity of a lifetime!
Come be part of an exciting school community which enables families to serve God here in West Africa! Dakar Academy serves the mission community by providing a high-quality education within a Christian environment. Over 25 nationalities make up the student body of missionary kids and non-believers from business and non-government organizations. This rich mix offers you a wonderful opportunity to plant the gospel and train future leaders.

Church Planting and Evangelism

In a country that is wide open for you to share the good news with those who have never heard, Thiès is very strategic as it is the second largest city in Senegal and growing fast. It is ethnically mixed, but most are Wolof speakers. Wolof is spoken in the markets and in most of the homes. When considering urban settings, it is the most needy in Senegal. Can you come and help? Innovative thinking is needed and a willingness to try new things.

Church Planting and Evangelism--Kaffrine

In a country that is wide open for you to share the good news with those who have never heard, Kaffrine has to be the most exciting opportunity. One Senegalese pastor stated after observing the work in Kaffrine, "I can't believe what I'm seeing here. Here are Wolof people, sitting and studying God's Word!" There are villages requesting people to come and tell the stories from the Scriptures, but there are not enough missionaries available to tell them. Can you come and help?


Ministry Vision
Our team's vision is to glorify God in Senegal by proclaiming the Gospel; planting, strengthening, and partnering with churches as we:

  • evangelize the unreached and disciple believers into churches
  • minister to human need
  • equip churches to fulfil Christ's commission

Our Wolof Church-Planting team shares the vision to establish mature Wolof-speaking churches in both rural and urban areas where the Lord leads us as a team.


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