Apprenticeship in Missions

Are you looking for an exciting career in missions? This is an opportunity for students who are considering missions to gain understanding of cross-cultural ministry by observing and being involved in a variety of ministry experiences in different areas, accompanied and supervised by a missionary.

Scholarships, Ghana

What is the Scholarship Project?

The Good News Bible Church partners with SIM Ghana to reach thousands of people who still live and die without hearing or understanding the gospel. But how can a church reach out when they lack strong leadership? Currently the Scholarship project has 13 young men waiting to attend school to better equip themselves for God’s call on their lives to be pastors. At present funds are insufficient to support those already in school. This is an urgent need.

Yvonne Mildred

Yvonne is serving in the northern part of the country, where she is involved in helping Christian business people put the gospel into practice in their daily lives. Sent by St Silas Church, Glasgow, she concentrates on encouraging Biblical values in business relationships and on good financial management.

If you would like to pray regularly for Yvonne, please click here.

Please pray

  • That more business people in Ghana and west Africa would adopt Biblical principals

Phil and Andrea Bauman and family

Phil & Andrea Bauman serve as leaders for the SIM Ghana team. Andrea is the Personnel Coordinator and Health Coordinator and Phil is the Director for the team. They have been serving in Ghana for the past fifteen years. Their biggest motivation is to provide an opportunity for those who have never heard the gospel to hear it and respond, and to provide those with the desire to be involved in Global Mission with the opportunity to do so.

Penny Bakewell

Penny has been serving in Ghana since 2003.  She is involved in children’s ministry in the Sisaala region.  Penny finds joy in ‘seeing children listening intently to Gods Word and watching them change as they respond.’ Penny is supported by Holy Trinity Church, Norwich.

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Ministry Vision
We want to see true followers of Jesus Christ empowered by the Holy Spirit, united in a mature Church that values people and God’s creation. We see these believers impacting and transforming society in Ghana and beyond for the glory of God. 

Current Ministry
Our ministry partners include the Bible Church of Africa (BCA), Challenge Enterprises of Ghana (CEG), and Maranatha University College (MUC). 


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