Evangelism, Discipleship and Leadership Development

Are you determined and persistent? Can you live in a difficult place? Would you like to "work," actually, bring the Good News of Jesus, every day to people who have never heard of Him? It's hard to envision in this day and age that some people still have no idea who Jesus is! But it's true for many in Guinea. You may use any of your skills and talents to bring the Gospel to them; it just takes some imagination.

Community Development Coordinator

Are you looking for a challenging ministry to an indigenous people group? You can use your practical skill or your professional training to open doors for the Gospel in isolated communities. You would seriously impact improvement to people's living conditions while building relationships within the community. As you create an environment in which the Good News of Jesus Christ can be shared, you would encourage, support, and disciple local believers.
Is God urging you into this unique opportunity?

Outreach and Discipleship to Youth

Do you enjoy young people? Would you like to base your life's work on ministering to them? Almost half of Guinea's population is under the age of 14, so reaching out to children is strategic. You would focus mainly on the age group 12-18.
You would help establish and direct activities that assist the youth and allow for relationships to be developed. We envision a tutoring and activities program. Tutoring with their school work and providing sports activities would give an evangelistic and discipleship opportunity.

MK Elementary Teacher

This is a great opportunity for a unique life and teaching experience in a cross-cultural setting! You have a God-given opportunity to impact the lives of young people while "educating for eternity."
You would have the privilege of working with healthy, thriving MKs and missionary families active in ministry. Providing effective MK education is a critical part of accomplishing this goal.


Ministry Vision
By faith we see a vibrant, maturing Church bringing Jesus' transformation to Upper Guinea and beyond.

Current Ministry

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