Communications Internship

You will help organize, document, and accurately and thoroughly communicate in creative ways all that God is doing in Malawi. This could be done through journalism, photojournalism, video, website development, and other forms of media, working alongside the field leadership, project managers, and missionaries to learn and gather information. You will travel to various parts of Malawi seeing firsthand what the ministries are about and translating this information creatively for distribution.

HOPE for AIDS Ministry Team

Bring the hope of Christ to those suffering from illness and HIV/AIDS. This team will work with the Home Based Care HOPE for AIDS volunteer team and will travel with the Hope for AIDS Home Based Care Coordinator. This team will work alongside the volunteers, visiting the sick in their homes, sharing encouragement from the scripture and providing practical assistance by helping with household chores, distributing soap, vitamins and other basic assistance items.

Children's Outreach Ministy Team

Reach out to the youth of Malawi as you minister alongside an SIM missionary and other Malawian children's workers. This ministry involves organizing and conducting children's seminars and programs that are culturally appropriate and effective. The emphasis of the programs is to train more Malawians to minister to children. This could include instructing on how to teach basic Bible stories, music, sports and games for children between the ages of 3 to 18.

Youth Ministry Outreach Team

Become a part of reaching and discipling the future of the church - the next generation. There is a great need for discipleship, mentoring and teaching among the youth in various churches. This team would work alongside the local churches and staff to help plan, prepare and facilitate youth programs. The churches are open and welcoming, and would embrace any team that wanted to come out and encourage their youth.

Mission Administrator

Join the Malawi Leadership Team and work with the Country Director as he leads the team of missionaries and various ministries. The Malawi Administrator fills a key role for the Malawi Field through management, support, services and member care. This individual will be able to use his or her gifts and abilities to strengthen the administrative capacity of the field.

Spiritual Life Conference

Intentional ministry for missionary children (MKs) is important. During the Spiritual Life Conference, MKs will experience fun, fellowship and most importantly Biblical input to encourage them in their faith. A team of approximately 6-8 members is needed to coordinate and run the MK program for approximately 32 children. Children range in age from 1 to 17, so programs need to be planned for the various age groups. These programs could take the form of vacation Bible school programs or other planned programs for the children.

Coordinator for Associates under Two Years

You could have a tremendous impact on the lives of young people as they explore missions opportunities on the ground level!
Many ministry opportunities in Malawi have been developed in recent months suitable for missionaries serving from a couple of weeks to a few months. You are desperately needed to organize and facilitate the the short-termers' program since the current field administration lacks the time to properly give it oversight.

Bible School Teacher

Come and teach at the Evangelical Bible College of Malawi, participate in the life of the college, and be available to students as a counselor and discipler. This ministry is key to the growth and maturity of the church. Classes are taught in English and Chichewa at the certificate level and in English at the diploma level. You would be expected to participate in curricular and co-curricular activities and contribute actively and willingly to the life of the College.


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