Discipler of Disciples

If you are passionate about teaching and discipling and love to see the light go on when you open God's Word, Mozambique is for you! Church training and discipleship are some of the main needs of the Mozambiquan church. It is like a river that's a mile wide but only an inch deep. We are passionate about adding depth to God's church in Mozambique, and if you are too, join our team.

Shorter-Term Missions Exposure

Are you looking for a place to be used of God? SIM Mozambique would like to provide opportunities for young people to experience missions in Mozambique with the idea that some may return as long term missionaries. Throughout this experience, you would help teach English, help with home schooling, learn Portuguese, and help with many other areas of ministry.

Teaching English

Are you qualified to teach English as a second language? Would you like to form some crucial relationships through teaching?
If you would be willing to teach English in this Muslim community, you may form relationships leading to evangelism. If you also speak Portuguese, you could also be involved additional ministries in the local churches and community.

Computer Skills Trainer

How are you with computers? Would you be willing to set up and run a training programme for people wanting to learn computer skills? Many people here in Mozambique are interested in learning how to use computers.
Through relationships you develop in this way, you could create opportunities for evangelism and discipleship. Imagine combining something you love with something you love even more!

Evangelism of Unreached People Group

If pioneer mission work has been a dream for you, maybe God is nudging you into this ministry. The unreached people groups in Mozambique are traditionally hard to reach with the Gospel. Friendship is the first step in showing them who Jesus is. Would you consider living and working with them in spite of difficult circumstances for the sake of the Gospel?

Bible Teacher-Evangelist

Have you been given the gift of evangelism and teaching? Is God prompting you to join the SIM Mozambique team to travel half time to the outlying villages in the Marrupa and Mecula districts to encourage and teach the existing Christians and follow up on invitations for evangelism? You would partner with one or more of the Mozambicans working in Marrupa.

Church Planter - Yao

The vision is to plant Chiyao speaking churches, most likely in partnership with other similar efforts by indigenous or expatriate organizations. Methods will vary depending on team makeup, but could include TESL, community health and development, agriculture assistance, Bible classes for children, women, men, couples, marriage enrichment, HIV-AIDS work and others.

Church Planting in Mozambique

The northwest area of Mozambique has been neglected for many years because of isolation and civil strife, but now the door is open to bring the good news of Jesus to the people there!
You have a rare and exciting opportunity to partner with organizations similar to ours in various ministries, including TESL, community health and development, agriculture assistance, Bible classes for children, women, men, and couples, marriage enrichment, HIV-AIDS work and others. God can use you in ways beyond your imagination to influence many lives for eternity!

Home Schooling Facilitator

You can be a real encouragement to our families and could extend the field time of some because education issues often lead to discouragement and return to the home country. You will travel to different areas of the country where missionary families have children being home schooled, living with missionary families for part of the year. You will need to bring a positive attitude toward home schooling and be acquainted with various home schooling programs.


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