Lecturer for Biblical and Theological Study in Seminary

Would you happen to be passionate about making disciples while serving as a long-term seminary lecturer? Is it your desire to enlarge God's Church through Christian leadership training?
You will need recognised post-graduate qualifications in either Biblical Studies or Theology. You will be privileged to join a dynamic and diverse staff team at Namibia Evangelical Theological Seminary committed to seeing Namibia transformed through training Christian people for service and leadership.

Youth Worker

About 30% of Namibians are around 20 years old. After Namibia's Independence, young people began to leave their churches, and one big reason was that the youth programs offered were old-fashioned and unappealing to them. Their perceived hypocrisy in the daily lives of the older generation who preached God's Word but hadn't lived it out was another deterrent. So now the church is rapidly losing the young generation.

Mission Teacher

Do you have a theological degree and no place to use it? We have just the solution!
In this role as a Mission Teacher, you will help the church in Rundu, Namibia, understand how they can reach areas where there is no evangelical witness with the Gospel. The Evangelical Bible Church (EBC) is eager to get church leaders and others trained to be able to do mission work, both theoretically and in practice.

Children's Ministry Development Coordinator

Are you gifted and trained in working with children? How would you like to pass those gifts to others? Here is a wonderful opportunity for you to work with local church leaders, training them to see children as valuable members of the Body of Christ.
You would network with churches and para-church organizations for training in developing children's ministry through Bible clubs, holiday clubs, and other programs. You would demonstrate follow-up, recruiting of other teachers, and mentoring.

Math and ESL and Physical Education Volunteer Teacher

Are you a teacher looking for a ministry opportunity? We have just the thing for you!
Namibia has so many youth and very few role models. Youth and children need help because so many homes are without parental help. Assisting at a school within the community on a grassroots level has a great impact for eternity on the lives of the children and youth.
Local schools are pleading for volunteers from our mission organization. What a great opportunity!

Children's Worker or Lecturer for Children's Work

Are you gifted in children's work? Did you know there is a place for you in missions?
SIM Namibia with NETS (Namibian Theological Seminary) would like to recruit a children's worker to teach at the seminary about 5-10% of the time and spend the rest in churches and para-church organizations training children's workers. Namibia has a high percentage of children but very few people who know how to work with them.

Teacher in Grootfontein

You can have a bigger impact than you realize in reaching the youth of Namibia through teaching at Kalenga, an English medium secondary school. As part of the Christian witness in the school and the community, you will teach assigned classes and develop appropriate extracurricular activities to foster relationships with students. This is a wonderful opportunity for discipleship, especially as HIV/AIDS is a serious problem in Namibia and young people need to know God's answers.


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