Theological Education by Extension

The Theological Education by Extension Program provides biblical, theological and pastoral training for leaders and members of churches in South Asia who are not able to leave their responsibilities to study full-time. TEE aims to provide leaders with a structured course of studies which will:

  •  Deepen their biblical, theological and pastoral knowledge

Lewis and Susie Varley, William, Matthew, Olivia and Samuel

Lewis Varley has been working with Serving In Mission since 1999 and his wife Susie since 2000.  They work at the Transformational Education Centre (TEC) in Bangladesh teaching spoken English and adult literacy. 

It brings Lewis and Susie great joy to see those with whom they work growing in knowledge and wisdom.

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Ministry Vision
Our goal is to serve the cause of God’s kingdom through prayer, discipleship and a range of human need ministries.

Current Ministry
Our team members all share the same vision and methods of work, even though we come from many different countries.  At present, we have a range of government-approved development activities including:  

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