Church Planter/TEFL

Did you think that teaching English as a second/foreign language would be directly applicable to church planting? Here it would be! Many people want to learn English and you would have many opportunities to share your faith as you build relationships in your teaching.

Church Planter/Veterinarian

As a veterinarian you have access to the lives and hearts of these rural people in ways that few other missionaries ever have. You would be able to build friendship evangelism opportunities and discipleship relationships both in the rural villages and in the population centre where you would be living. A small fellowship of new believers would in time grow into a rural church. SIM Paraguay has some experience in this approach and you could learn from (and improve on) what has been done.

Church Planter, Horticulturalist

Paraguay is a semi tropical country with great scope for fruit production and forestry. Your training in horticulture may be of extreme benefit to the rural subsistence farmers of Paraguay.
Your expertise would give you an open door to evangelism and discipleship opportunities in these rural and unreached communities. New believers would be discipled into fellowship groups that will one day form a rural church in the area you work in. SIM Paraguay has some experience in rural church planting, and you would form part of the rural team.

Rural Church Planter

This is a golden opportunity for someone with experience in health, agriculture, education, and other social ministries to build bridges with the people of Caazapa, Villarrica, and neighboring towns.
What a privilege to share the message of salvation in small rural communities of 800-4000 people through the use of Christian films, literature, TEE, and social ministries. You will also have the opportunity to disciple new believers and help establish them in local churches.

Children's Worker Mentor

Do you want to be part of a church planting team and develop a ministry among preschool and grade school children? If so, this position could be for you! You will work as part of a church planting ministry team to develop creative ways to evangelize, disciple, and nurture children into ministry.


Ministry Vision
We want to see

  • Many thousands of Paraguayans coming to faith in Christ, and growing to become mature Christians
  • A grassroots church planting movement in Paraguay’s interior, through the witness of Paraguayan believers.
  • A Paraguayan missions movement as a partner with us to send missionaries throughout the world

Our Ministries


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