Drama or Theatre Coach

Have you ever participated in drama as a vehicle of outreach to other youth, young students, children, or even adults? We are offering you an opportunity to reach the youth of Ecuador through this medium. The theatre group is using drama presentations of the stories of the Bible to assist in Bible literacy in local churches and to draw attention in outreach events with good success thus far. We would like to further develop this ministry and disciple the participants so they can take the ministry even further.

Church Planter

Here is an exciting opportunity for a church planter! Would that be you?
The province of Loja is located in the southern part of the Ecuadorian Andes. Great efforts have been made to plant the gospel in most parts; however, the most difficult stronghold to overcome is the worship of the local "Virgin of Cisne," the statue that has gained followers even outside the country of Ecuador. Thus efforts must be continued to slowly educate against this deeply rooted belief among the different classes of people in this province.

English Teachers for World Impact

Are you trained in TESL, TEFL, or TESOL? How would you like to use your skills to impact the world? Here is a perfect opportunity!
In this position, you will help train new mission candidates to learn English, enabling them to become long term missionaries. By teaching English to church leaders and youth, you will promote and encourage more Ecuadorians to accept the call of missions. Part of your role will be teaching English to classes and individual students, and part will be mentoring and discipling mission candidates.

Men's Worker

In Ecuador, and especially in Loja Province, religion is considered to be for women only. This belief has carried over to the evangelical Christian community. If you are a man with a passion for reaching men with the Gospel, we could use YOU!
Men here need to see male believers living out their faith. They need male role models to show them how to be godly men and to walk with them, holding them accountable.

Rural Youth Worker

Would you like to help meet the number one ministry need according to the local believers? If you have a gift in relating to youth, love fun and organizing activities for groups, then you can minister to the teens of Loja Province.

Rural Church Planters in Loja Province

Can you contribute to a team of church planters in the rural areas of the province of Loja, Ecuador? This is a region which is entirely unreached by the Gospel, and you would be working in a town with few or no Christians. You would use whatever gifts you have in areas such as social services for the community, building relationships, friendship evangelism, discipleship, mentoring, leadership training, and helping the local believers to develop their own church.

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