Administrative Assistant--Cotahausi

Has God given you administrative skills? You can serve the church planting team in the remote Cotahuasi Canyon of Peru. You would help coordinate communication and various inter-mission tasks, as well as participate in other ministry opportunities related to your gifts and interests.
As you support, encourage, train, and assist in the development of new Christians and their ministries, you will build relationships and also minister the love of Christ with Quechua people.

Educational Assistance--Tutoring

Use your love and desire to work with children to impact the lives of school children in the Cotahuasi Canyon. Most of the area's secondary school youth come to the main village of Cotahuasi in order to attend classes. Poor quality public education continues to be a burden on the community. Remedial tutoring and general help with homework can answer an urgent need of the community and open doors for evangelism.

English Ministries

Peruvians want to learn English! This would give you many opportunities to build relationships through English Bible studies and one-on-one conversation classes, all of which have been effectively used as evangelistic tools or discipleship opportunities. Churches and student groups have used English ministries to reach out to their community and to disciple Christians. Opportunities are plentiful for individuals and teams to teach English in churches, student groups, university campuses, schools, and camps.

Team for MK Vacation Bible School

Would you like to be a memorable part of missionary kids' spiritual growth? Each year the missionaries meet for their Spiritual Life Conference. For the children on the team, this is often a highlight of their year as they get together with Christian friends. We want a program for them that equips them to live for Christ here in Peru. You could have more impact on these kids than you realize!

Oral Scripture Use Training

The oral scripture use training project helps low literacy Quechua church leaders to learn the stories of the Bible sequentially in Quechua so they can teach the stories to others. The project produces materials in written, audio and video form for adults, youth and children.

Lizzie White

Lizzie White is from Barnabas Community Church, Shrewsbury. She has been serving in Peru since September, 2014. She is partnering with Aidia, a local organisation which focuses on rural church support and community development.

As her eyes are opened to the health and economic difficulties created through poor water quality and sanitation, Lizzie’s passion to develop new ministry in water grows.

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