Paul Todd

Paul Todd

Africa, Nigeria

Media and Arts

Although based in the UK, Paul Todd is seconded by SIM Nigeria to work as Senior Editor of African Christian Textbooks (ACTS) a Nigerian-0based Christian publishing and retailing company. Paul’s parents were SIM missionaries and he was born in Nigeria. He started working in theological education with Serving In Mission in January, 1984 and has been working with ACTS since 2011.

Paul desires ‘to see the church built up with strong, capable leaders well equipped to build the kingdom of God among their fellow countrymen and further afield.' His work with ACTS allows him to play his part by providing the tools which seminaries and colleges need to train their students, pastors and missionaries.

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Please pray

  • for the Lord’s help and strength to cope with Nigeria’s extremely challenging and ultra-competitive business environment.

  • for wisdom in decisions concerning books to publish, development of business relationships, and strategies to follow. Pray that Paul will know the Lord’s mind and purposes in what he does so that as ACTS supply good quality Christian books, churches and their leaders will be strengthened.

  • for the right voluntary help to join the workforce, whether on a part-time or fulltime basis. ACTS are seeking editors, academic specialists, cover designers, marketing experts and IT specialists to help in their ministry.

  • for the finances needed, in terms of good sales in ACTS bookshops, the extra funds needed to develop ACTS work and Paul’s own support.

  • for Paul’s walk with the Lord that he would be aware of the Lord’s prompting and direction daily.

  • For Paul’s wife Tricia whose work as a teacher subsidises Paul’s support needs.

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