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Showing God’s love to those in need and sharing Christ with every patient

With fewer than 100 surgeons serving the 20 million inhabitants of Madagascar, the The Good News Hospital in Mandritsara, is a beacon of hope.

Concepción and Sara Mamani

The Quechua connection

When Sara Mamani visted the hospital in Cochabamba, her aim was to brighten the young patients' spirits while sharing the gospel through a lively puppet show.

'Art has a way of opening people’s curiosity and hearts'

Art, in whatever form, has the ability to powerfully convey a message. Among indigenous cultures, it’s also a valued communication method.

Healing the soul

Since its inception, the spiritual life of Partners in Hope Medical Centre (PIH) in Lilongwe, Malawi, has been as important as the medical services it provides.

Will you pray about it?

Imagine an island 2.5 times greater than the UK where the majority of the population cannot understand the language the Bible is written in. That island is Madagascar, where Se...

Young Legends Project

Nestled among the affluent suburbs of Cape Town in the shadow of the mountains, is the deprived township of Westlake where shacks and shanties have sprung up in every available...

Flood relief work in Malawi update

In early March 2019, almost half of Malawi was hit by torrential rains, both leading up to and resulting from Cyclone Idai, which caused devastating flooding across substantial...

'I'm not on my own'

It is always a huge blessing and encouragement for Claire Robinson when she receives a parcel from her home church — 5,000 miles away in Northern Ireland.

Partners together in mission

Empowerment and enabling may be overused buzzwords in the business world, but they are used for God’s glory says Paul Springate in his role as prayer coordinator to Bryony Pann...