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 Young men are able to study the Bible while they learn a trade at the Youth Vocational Training project

Room to grow

A new building project is the foundation to seeing God’s kingdom grow in Pakistan.

Partners together in mission

Empowerment and enabling may be overused buzzwords in the business world, but they are used for God’s glory says Paul Springate in his role as prayer coordinator to Bryony Pann...

Power of prayer sees theologians overcome challenges to produce landmark Arabic commentary

Ten years ago the painstaking task to produce the first Bible commentary for Arabic-speaking churches in the Middle East and north Africa began.

What is SIM's theology of people?

I heard of a missionary worker in Asia who observed a beggar girl in the street.

Later that night, the temperature dropped. The worker, lying warmly beneath her blankets...

Redlight Greenlight shines Christ's light into victims' lives

Trafficking women and children is the world's fastest-growing crime. Fuelled by money, greed, and lust, the industry is booming as it preys upon innocent girls and women, forci...

7 ways to get praying for faithful witness around the globe

Prayer for faithful gospel witness around the globe is both a labour of love and essential for spiritual power in the urgent and unfinished task Christ gives his church. It is als...

African churches can be salt and light for mission

Writing from the UK, I observe a steady increase in African diaspora churches — the churches of Africans who have been scattered far from home, writes Peter Oyugi, AIM missiona...

Lizzie shows villagers in the Peruvian Andes how to use the filters

Water filters are breaking barriers to the gospel

The living water of Jesus Christ is breaking down barriers to the gospel in a remote village high in the Peruvian Andes.

Troubled teen Eli finds true hope in Jesus

Teenager Eli’s life was a mess — stumbling from bad decision to bad decision, with no direction and little clear motivation.