'People of prayer' and 'Dependent on God' – those are two of Serving In Mission’s core values and we are hugely thankful for all your prayers. See below for seven days' worth of prayer. If you would like to become a prayer partner for a particular missionary click here. To sign up for our regular weekly prayer update click here or fill in the form at the bottom of this page.

30 Mar
Pray for Sam and Katie in the UK

Sam and Katie had intended to return to central Africa to help new teammates settle and explore ministry opportunities, but are held back by Covid-19. Pray for those new team members, and pray for Sam and Katie whilst they wait in the UK with their young family.

31 Mar
Pray for refugees in the UK

Please pray for several refugees in the UK who are facing health issues, operations, and the death of family members in their homeland. Pray for Janeen and others coming alongside to help them in their struggles.

1 Apr
Pray for Clive in south Asia

Clive takes up his role as Regional Director for south Asia today, facilitating leadership development and mentoring. Pray for his protection and godly wisdom as he serves.

2 Apr
Pray for Tim in the UK

Pray for UK Ministry Director, Tim McMahon as he works with others to finalise the content of online workshops designed to equip church leaders in multicultural areas of the UK in helping their churches become more effective at cross-cultural outreach.

3 Apr
Pray for orientation

Pray for the families and individuals who were due to join us for Orientation today, as they prayerfully seek the Lord for their futures. As a team we are working to develop on online orientation course for June.

4 Apr
Pray for Donald and Ruth in the UK

Donald and Ruth and their children join SIM with experience of service in Jos, Nigeria. Donald teaches theological education at JETS, and Ruth is involved in educational support for City Ministries. Pray for peace for the family as they wait on the Lord’s perfect timing for their return.

5 Apr
Pray for Joanthan and Elaine in west Africa

Pray for Jonathan and Elaine in west Africa as they visit pastors and evangelists to encourage them, pray with them, and mentor them. Pray for these pastors and evangelists, that God will provide their physical needs and that they will have a strong and vibrant faith.