Allied Model School

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What is the Allied Model School project?

Students at Allied Model School include many from poor, nominal Christian families, together with those from the wider community. As well as being offered a good standard of education they have the opportunity to learn clear Bible truth. We hope that their time at the school will lead them to take significant steps of faith, and to be better equipped to take their place in society.

How will my money help?

Money for this project will buy school supplies, pay teachers’ wages, and cover the costs of building maintenance.

A Personal Perspective

As I was leaving AMS one day someone came hurrying towards me. Winding down the car window quickly, I greeted this attractive lady who was the mother of one of the students. What was surprising though was her fluent English. She explained that she had been living in the UK for some years but had come to visit relatives here. AMS had been very helpful for her small daughter who had special educational needs, she explained. She received great care and attention and enjoyed being in school. She wanted her daughter to continue here, but they would soon be returning overseas.

Another girl was a bright Class 8 student. She had previously studied in a school further from home and her parents thought that they would ‘try’ AMS which was closer.  She settled very happily making a good contribution to the class and finally passing the Class 8 Board exam with marks in the top division. She would have happily continued with us at AMS. Sadly this is not to be as we have had to make the difficult decision to offer Class 9 and 10 for boys only. We are sad to see both these girls go, but glad to remember that during this year they will have had the opportunity not only to study but, more importantly, and enjoy friendships at AMS, but also to hear the good news.

Please Pray:

  • Give thanks for improving exam results this year; pray that this trend will continue!

  • Pray for the urgent need of a permanent school Principal.

  • Pray for all the students who attend AMS.

Kathie Cornelius