Celebrate Recovery

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What does Celebrate Recovery do?

Celebrate Recovery is a church-based recovery programme that has grown into a nationwide ministry involving forty churches across Mongolia.  Alcoholism is a severe problem in the nation, affecting nearly every family in some way or other. Local recovery groups are helping many individuals and families under the great pressure and challenges of alcoholism. Celebrate Recovery was started in Saddleback Church in USA. The materials were translated into Mongolian and made relevant for the local context. Celebrate Recovery is proving a powerful tool for evangelism, church growth and countryside church planting in Mongolia. Since January 2013, the project has expanded to include counselling, training about addiction, and collecting of resource materials for professional development and public education.

How will my donation help?

It will help to train leaders and trainers at three levels by covering the cost of counselling courses and the production of materials (translation, copyright costs and printing) plus counselling sessions and the cost of office administration.

Who is involved?

Steve and Sherree Francis, from St John’s Church in Ipswich, are based in Thailand and took a personal interest in Celebrate Recovery because alcoholism is such an overwhelming problem in Mongolia. Steve says, “This is a very practical project that helps the alcoholics and their families to recover - whilst bringing the Gospel to those folks at the same time. Most of those involved are Mongolian Christians, converted through the Celebrate Recovery programme.”

A Personal Perspective

“I came very close to death; I was helpless. That was in 2007”, writes Chognom. “Then I went to a recovery centre that helps people like me and took part in the Celebrate Recovery programme. I came to know about Jesus. I began participating in the church’s cell group, in Bible study, and worship services. And God is now using me for His purpose”.

Chognom worked in Ulaanbaatar with addicts for more than four years then God called him to serve in Erdenet, with his wife and two daughters.  The couple help men who want to be free from alcohol addiction and who do not know where to go or to turn. Help comes from the hope found in the Word of God. Former alcoholics have now left the centre and been reconciled with their families and found decent employment.  Starting the centre was not easy for Chognom and his family but they are encouraged when they see God’s Word bring healing.Currently, there are 12 men in the centre, eager to learn more so that they can pass on hope to other alcoholics who are lost, as they once were themselves. 

Prayer requests

  • Pray for God’s guidance and wisdom for the project team
  • For the leaders and those being trained as leaders
  • For those currently receiving counselling
Kathie Cornelius