Drought and Disaster Mitigation

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The drought and disaster mitigation project works in Kenya to develop and mentor community health extension workers and build capacity in community health units. This provides extensive opportunities for building relationships of trust and planting seeds of the gospel within communities who are very resistant to the truth about Jesus.


"Gerald came to one of our trainings. He was from a very different community at the other end of the country. He spoke a different language and was used to different customs. In fact everything seemed different to Gerald when he was posted here by the government. He started praying that the Lord would take him home to his own people.

During our first training we talked of more than just health related issues. He confided in me that he had always wanted to get out of this place because he couldn’t really believe that God loved the people of the majority religion here. As we shared together he started seeing that Christ died for all people from all tribes and nations. We invited him to a missions awareness course and he started getting excited about missions.

Now Gerald is a changed person. He is seeking the Lord as to how best he can serve him in this place. He has dedicated his life to serve the Lord even in the most remote and hostile part of the country.

Through the project, we are discipling and mentoring him to become a missionary and use the experience that he already has to reach many and impact lives with the gospel."

Please pray:

  • for protection in a volatile area

  • for strong relationships with friends from other faiths that lead to discovering Jesus

  • for mentoring relationships with fellow Christians who are already working in the area

  • for growing interest from Christians to follow the Lord‘s call to invest their lives for the unreached

  • for a massive move of God among those who are living and dying without Christ

Linda Hunt