Funding Christian nurses in Senegal

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This project started in 2015, to train more Christians in Senegal to be State Registered Nurses. State nurses can do medical consultations, and run health posts, which can provide good healthcare to the Senegalese as well as opening doors for the gospel.

In 2016, we had enough funds to pay for five students to start the three-year training course. After the selection process, Coumba (pictured, with project sponsors Andrew and Helen Curry and their children, Thomas and Esther), Monique, Timothée, and Ingouma started.

In 2018, we had funds to provided scholarships for three more students, Fatoumata, Satine and Aïda. We also decided to expand the project to offer scholarships to those wanting to be midwives, which Satine and Aïda will undertake. 

It costs about £2,300 for someone to complete the training to be a nurse or a midwife at a registered college; we would love to make more scholarships available each year for Christians who show a desire to work in the health sector and see this as part of making Christ’s love and gospel known. Please watch the video below for a further introduction.

Why is it needed?

Christians working in health care can make a great impact for the gospel in Senegal. The government provides some services but the the reality is that health care is expensive for many Senegalese. Christian clinics can provide good, affordable health care, which is a witness to the love of Christ. This, in turn, gives the evangelical churches a good name. The clinics can provide opportunities to witness to the Senegalese population, the vast majority of whom are Muslims (94%).There are a number of existing Christian clinics in Senegal, some of whom are seeking Christian staff; and there is a need to establish new Christian clinics in areas where there is little witness- again, for these to operate, more qualified Christian staff are needed.Why can't the Senegalese church do this?

Why can’t the Senegalese church do this?

The Senegalese church is small (about 0.2% of the population is evangelical) and many young Christians struggle to find funds to pay for further education. Therefore the cost of completing this training is beyond the reach of many, and the church does not have available funds to pay for this. The church appreciates SIM’s role in providing scholarships.

What will my donation do?

Your donation will go towards providing a scholarship. When we have sufficient money for a scholarship, the scholarship committee (Senegalese Christians and SIM missionaries) will ask local pastors if they know of mature Christians in their congregations who would be able to take this course.

Any potential candidates would be interviewed by the committee, and, if approved, they would receive the scholarship.

Click here to read a brochure about this project.

Prayer requests:

  • for the Lord to raise up mature Christians each year who can pass this course and start to use health care as a means of making the love of Christ known to the Senegalese;

  • for wisdom for the Committee as they seek to know who would be a good candidate;

  • for the Lord to continue to use existing health care to bless the Senegalese and as a means to make the gospel known.

Tim Allan