Gueschemé Bible School Housing

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There is a need for a married student’s accommodation block at Gueschemé Bible School in Niger. The Bible School Housing project has been established to raise funds to build a second dormitory unit for four student families.

Most students live in mud-brick huts that they either build for themselves or ‘inherit’ from a graduating family. Over the four years of study, babies get born into often already large families. The living conditions are far from ideal, and can even discourage applicants from attending this local school.

Currently students have to build their own huts, which is a big expense for them and discourages some from applying. Presently there is a single 4-unit family dorm and a 3-unit singles block. Concrete-block construction will be a great asset to the school, and the health of the student families.

As soon as funds are made available, cement bricks will be made by hand, foundations laid and the roof put on.

Prayer points:

  • Pray that pledges will be made so brick making can start as soon as possible.

  • Pray that God-called students will have a clean and safe place to live

  • Pray that graduating students will be good ambassadors for the school as well as enthusiastic for whatever the Lord calls them to do.


Linda Hunt