Leaders Equipping and Resourcing Network

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Faced with the challenge of prosperity teachings, Islam, other religions and false cultist teachings awash on the Zimbabwean landscape, the Leaders Equipping and Resourcing Network (LEARN) project aims to resource church leaders so that they can teach and explain the Bible accurately and confidently.

Many leaders have minimal or no theological training and there are very limited resources for teaching and discipleship training. LEARN will equip 1300 Church leaders who will receive tablets loaded with a project specific app, 30-40 books and other resources. Visit www.churchleaderslearn.org for more information.


Pastor Masango Matimura (Church Leader) comments: "I have been a pastor with the United Baptist Church since 1994.  I have seen congregations and individuals transformed through the faithful teaching and preaching of the Word of God. My main challenge has been and remains that of limited reference resources. LEARN will be an answered prayer not only to me but to many more pastors in Zimbabwe."

Please pray for:

  • The LEARN project team as they work on communicating the project to potential donors and facilitate the planning of five conferences between 2019-21 at which leaders will receive the tablets and resources.

  • The sourcing and delivering of tablets of a quality that will be fit for purpose. The technical aspects are vital for the successful provision of resources.

  • The ongoing identification and supply of appropriate books and resources as the project progresses.

  • The Church leaders that will be recipients of the resources and related training that they will avail themselves of this opportunity and the follow-up and reviews associated with the project.

  • The Churches that will be represented by leaders and will ultimately benefit from project in terms of effective discipleship and confidence in the Bible as the ultimate source of truth in the face of false teachings.

Linda Hunt