Mukinge Operating Theatre

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Kasempa District is 20, (just slightly larger than the country of Wales) and has a population of around 70,000 people. Mukinge hospital is the only health facility in Kasempa with a surgeon and the ability to do surgery.

With the arrival of Dr Cath Wallis, a second surgeon, the hospital now have the potential to increase both the number and range of cases they see. However, their operating theatre is old and they struggle to meet the demands of the ever-growing surgical needs.

Quite some time ago they started to talk about the need for a new theatre block. They have a site where their old laundry and kitchen used to be that they want to build on. They have ambitious plans to allow for further growth of their surgical services in the future.

It is planned that the building will have five operating rooms, a recovery area, a sterilizing room, a clinic, and an attached ICU.  The current theatre has two operating rooms and no recovery area so this will be a huge improvement that will allow them to provide increased and improved surgical services for the people of Kasempa and beyond. 

Please pray:

  • Give thanks for more willing to serve at Mukinge Hospital which mean this expansion is possible

  • That the Lord will provide funds to start building in late 2018

  • As the hospital expands more will have the opportunity to hear the gospel message

Linda Hunt