Pastors’ Book Set, Senegal, 2019

Imagine being a pastor of a church surrounded by mosques, in a country where most people speak a language which has few Christian resources, and your salary barely covers your needs as a family.

This is the reality for the 300 or so pastors in Senegal. So Serving In Mission wants to better resource them.

Every eight years or so, SIM International organises distributions of Christian resources and books to pastors in poorly-resourced countries. In 2011, SIM International distributed about 50 French Christian books and commentaries to 350 church leaders in Senegal during a three-day conference.

Now, SIM has a further 20 books to distribute, so we who are part of SIM in Senegal are trying to do this during a conference in January 2019.

We are planning to supplement the books with more resources which are suitable for the context in which the pastors work, such as Scriptures in the local language and books written about the Senegalese culture.

SIM provides the books free to the pastors and we would love to do the same with our resources. The church in Senegal is small, with maybe about 16,000 members from a population of 12 million, and has, correspondingly, little income.

Would you consider giving so that we can better equip the pastors here?

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Tim Allan