Rural Education

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The Rural Education Project provides basic schooling for some of the poorest families in South Asian society.

Children live in rural locations where families usually make a meagre living as servants of rich landlords, moving from place to place as work becomes available. Serving In Mission has established simple, single-room schools some are even outdoors – in areas where these families are found, providing children essential teaching in basic subjects as well as teaching from the Bible. This opens doors for further schooling or technical training through SIM-related projects. The project also runs two boarding hostels to help children attend a Christian school in a nearby town.

Emmanuel was a student at the rural education project and shares his testimony below:

"My friends and I are so grateful for the love that SIM has shown us. Our families are farmers, and didn’t have any money to send us to school. Almost all of my relatives are illiterate, but through the Rural Education Project I was able to receive an education – and to learn more about following Jesus. I made some of my best, life-long friends when I was staying in the hostel. Now, because of the help I received from SIM, I run my own business. I still live in our village and help my family at harvest time. But I’m able to give my parents more financial support, run business training to young people in my village who didn’t get sent to school, and also share God’s word with them. Thank you so much for the way you love us!"

Please pray:

  • for the Lord to continue showing his love through the ministry of these simple schools and the hostel

  • for committed and gifted teachers

  • for the children to grow spiritually as well as academically

Linda Hunt