Vulnerable Children's Scholarship

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Mukinge Hill Academy

Millions of children are growing up around the world without ever hearing the name of Jesus. They live in communities where there is no Christian witness.

They often fall prey to the temptations of alcohol and drugs, sexual immorality, poverty, broken homes, gang violence and more besides. And because they don’t know Jesus, these children are helpless.

A good gospel-centred education is vital in helping such vulnerable children withstand temptation and come to a living faith in Jesus Christ. That is exactly what is being provided by Mukinge Hill Academy in Zambia, under the leadership of head teacher and Serving In Mission worker Claire Robinson.

Mukinge Hill Academy is a private school, managed by the Evangelical Church in Zambia in partnership with SIM.  There are currently 190 children enrolled in the school.  The parents of these children are predominantly teachers, nurses and other government employees, earning a wage which enables them invest in quality education for their children. 

There are a significant number of vulnerable children in the community who currently cannot afford this quality education due to circumstances beyond their control.

Claire, who is sent by Glenabbey Church, Newtonabbey, near Belfast, said: “Every desk we have is in use and children often have to share resources but the provision of quality education enables our pupils to break the cycle of chronic poverty.

“Most importantly, we introduce children to the real source of hope, Jesus Christ. We teach from the Bible every day in assemblies and in our RE lessons.

“It costs just £20 a month to support a child at Mukinge Hill Academy. This covers school fees, uniform, books, pencils and some short excursions.”

The school’s Parent Teacher Association and the local church are already raising funds, but your donation would help the school take even more children who will otherwise not hear the gospel.

Please pray

  • For the children receiving quality education at Mukinge Hill Academy, that they will grow in knowledge and love of the Lord.

  • That the opportunity access to quality education provides will be grasped by each pupil benefitting and be used to transform lives and communities.

  • For Claire as she leads the school, that she may be granted Godly wisdom in all that she says and does.

Linda Hunt