Serving In Mission relocates

Serving In Mission is on the move

Serving In Mission UK’s board of trustees sees strategic benefit in moving the agency’s headquarters from Wetheringsett Manor, Suffolk, to two new centres - a collaborative hub in London and a mobilisation services centre in Cambridge. 

In October 2017, the SIM board decided that, in principle, the Stratford area of London was the most strategic location for Serving In Mission.

Detailed investigation then started in order to determine what it would take to turn this decision into reality. The conclusion? That establishing a London collaborative hub with mobilisation services based in Cambridge would best serve the mission.

Several factors drove this decision: 

  • We recognise the need to provide value for money to our members, their churches and to all our stakeholders.

  • We believe it is right to continue to pursue collaboration with partners at a London hub, for better connectedness in mission across the globe.

  • We believe having a footprint in both London and Cambridge will increase opportunities for multi-cultural mobilisation in, to and from the UK and Ireland

  • We believe having twin centres will increase our capacity to provide accessible and relevant services which strengthen churches and partners around our shared vision. 

  • Cambridge is already a fruitful base for our mobilisation services; moving all our services there will build on that solid foundation and on our strong relationships across denominational lines. 

In London, we want to create an inter-cultural world mission hub, which may involve co-locating with another gospel-centred mission agency.

We want to base ourselves in a multi-cultural area that is more easily accessible from the United Kingdom, Europe and the world than Wetheringsett – both London and Cambridge achieve this. We need capacity to grow services to support a prayed-for increase in the number of missionaries sent and received by the UK.

The board looked closely at the financial feasibility of moving the whole office to the Stratford area. They concluded this would only be feasible with substantial help from like-minded partners who could co-locate with us.

By initially renting a small amount of London office space, we can continue to explore models of collaboration with other mission agencies, and test the value for money in placing further services at that location.  We will develop our collaboration from that London hub as the opportunities allow.

There are clearly implications for our staff, as the board is very well aware. We have worked through possible solutions with all Suffolk-based staff to ensure as many as possible can come with us to Cambridge as we build on an already strong team

For many years, Wetheringsett has also been home to an annual summer Bible camp for young people. The board remains committed to enabling the ministry of Wetheringsett Camp to continue and flourish in the future.

Following our relocation, we must continue to depend on our Father God. Please join us in prayer for God to open up new doors for his grace to extend so that many, many more workers can be sent in, to and from the UK and Ireland.

Give thanks for

  • His gospel that drives our purpose as an organisation.

  • The work and wisdom that has gone into this decision.


  • Give thanks for the sale of Wetheringsett Manor.

  • For this move to make us better placed to work effectively with all our members, churches and partners.

  • Give thanks Wetheringsett Camp is continuing and pray it will flourish into the future.

  • That we remain dependent on God and united in our shared purpose.

If you have any questions regarding the move, email SIM UK Relationship Lead Joanne Cornish (