Book your place at the 2019 English Teaching and Outreach Forum

Booking is now open for 2:19's annual Forum!  Come along to be encouraged and inspired.

Please click here for information about the six seminars on offer, covering professional development for English teaching as well as outreach themes.

Book before April 27 and pay the Early Bird' price of just £19, including a delicious lunch in beautiful surroundings.

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Here's a great testimony from David Kellagher, who was at last year's Forum and enjoyed it so much he's planning to return this year.

"What struck me most about Forum, which I attended for the first time in June, was its practicality.

"At the risk of implying that Bible teaching is not practical, there is a danger that such conferences spend too much time showing the Bible teaches what everyone who’s there already agrees with, namely that God cares about reaching the nations, and so people leave the conference reminded that they are doing the right thing, but having received little help to improve what they are doing.

"This was not the case here. The morning session had a Bible talk from Luke 14:12-24, which did not just remind me that God welcomes the outsiders, but challenged me on how often I don’t, even when I think I do. We then broke into seminars with a range of topics, including reaching Muslims and persevering with a difficult ministry for the long haul – each of them looked to be as useful as the next. Then, the afternoon session was devoted to thinking about how we can use narrative in lessons and how powerful they can be.

"Not only do the sessions provide you with great material, there’s lots of opportunities to get wisdom from other people about burning questions you’ve got. I came to the conference wanting help on communicating the gospel to people from other cultures with little English. However, even though there was not a session on that, the long break times provided opportunity to learn from other conference guests and the conference exhibitors.

"The conference was made even more helpful by 2:19 using it to launch their workbook, So to Speak, which provides materials for ten lessons, allowing leaders to cut down massively on preparation time.

"A note on the venue. Oak Hill College is nice place to spend your day. There’s loads of tea and coffee and cake and the lunch provided is great. It’s straightforward to drive and it’s relatively easy to get to on public transport, though you do need to get a bus or walk 20 minutes from the nearest tube station.

"I will be coming back next year."