Jamal finds Jesus at Camp Langano, Ethiopia

Camp Langano

At Camp Langano, Ethiopia, our campers come from all walks of life. Some campers arrive with a bag full of football kit . . .

Other campers come with only the clothes on their backs. But regardless of their status, they all come as sinners in need of a Saviour. Over the week, the young people open up and share the stories of their lives.

Jamal is a lanky 16-year old boy whose biggest fear is death. By the age of eight, most of Jamal’s family had died from HIV and

AIDS, and he had learned that he also suffered from the disease. At the time he did not fully understand, but knew the gravity of the situation.
Three years ago, Jamal gave up hope of living. He thought, ‘Why prolong the inevitable?’ and stopped taking his medication. This summer, Jamal’s coach selected him to come to Camp Langano for a week.
As staff and the firenjis (foreigners) showed Christ’s love to Jamal, he began to ask questions about God. Hopeless, alone and ashamed, he sought out the reason for the love and the joy within each member of the staff. Feeling comfortable, he shared the secret he had carrried for years.
Staff pointed him to Jesus and explained that through a relationship with Christ, he does not need to fear death because it is through death that we can live forever.

Each week, young people come to Camp Langano hurting and searching for a reason to hope. Each week there are more youngsters with stories like Jamal. Each week staff preach the truth found in Scripture, and share the hope and love that is found in Christ.

Kathie Cornelius