Faith comes by hearing

“The pressure of concentration to get a perfect recording without hesitation, mistake and the right tone, is so strong that after an hour, I want literally, to bang my head against a wall.”

This is how translator Andrawes* describes the physically demanding process of spending the day recording an evangelistic series of radio broadcasts for the nomadic Tamajaq people living in remote areas of Niger and Mali.

Having transformed a box room at his UK home into a studio and office, Andrawes makes an average of 50 pieces of recordings per message — 100 a day.

A message is broken up into small paragraphs, which he records twice so that he can choose the best one when he is editing them. 

“I speak Tamajaq — my mother tongue — but because I never learnt to read it as I do French and English, it takes me more time and recording one message can last two to three hours,” he explains.

“Another reason for the seemingly slow process is because I practise reading the message a lot, so that it comes out very fluently and naturally.” 

Andrawes will go through this same painstaking process for all the messages he is currently recording as part of the Way of Righteousness programme, where stories from the Bible are translated into many languages for broadcast around the world on local radio stations.

“I generally record two messages a day and at the end of five to six hours, I feel so exhausted,” he admits.

But despite the physical demands of such a huge task, Andrawes knows there is a great need to produce and record more audio materials so the good news of Jesus can be shared in remote areas of the world.

“In oral societies, where literacy rate is very low like the Tamajak, people are used to hearing stories, so getting out the Scriptures in audio form is very important and is how the gospel will enter their hearts and make a real impact on their lives,” he says.

*Name changed

Please pray

  • Give thanks for Andrawes and his work with SIM UK to help the Tamajak people understand who Jesus is so they can come to know him and be transformed.

  • That many people would hear the gospel through Andrawes’ SD card recordings via radio broadcasts or on their phones.

  • Pray for good quality recordings and strength for Andrawes as he continues the Way of Righteousness programme.

    By Kerry Allan