God's great miracle at Girls' Transition House in Nigeria

God's great miracle at Girls' Transition House in Nigeria

Just a year ago, Nicky Brand was wondering just how her plans to build a much-needed home for vulnerable young women might become reality.

While she and the team in Nigeria had identified a piece of land where the home could be built, they did not have the funds to buy it and had no clear idea of how it might go from there.

But now, within just 11 months, the land is theirs, the house is built and the first girls are aiming to move into the transition house in just a few weeks.

Nicky, who is sent by Gateway Baptist Church, Burgess Hill, said: “I hope the pictures give you a sense of joy and wonder at the miraculous things God has been doing here on our Girls’ Transition House project.

“We are blessed beyond our expectations and the girls are so excited at the prospect of moving in to their new home. They have been praying throughout and love to hear how people have been raising money and seeing the miracles before their own eyes has really strengthened their faith.”

The transition house aims to help the young women who have been part of Nicky’s City Ministries project in Jos. Many of them are orphans or have been rejected by their families.

They have been through school but the transition house is designed to equip them with skills they could use to earn a living, including cooking, sewing and growing fruit and vegetables.

The house still needs some finishing touches but the work is on schedule. The borehole has been dug but the final plumbing and electrical work still needs to be finished. The floors and windows have been completed but the dining room, kitchen and store are waiting for mosquito nets, tables and stools.

Much of the money for the land and the house has been contributed by Nicky’s faithful supporters in the UK.

She said: “I want to appreciate everyone who has donated or raised money towards the project. Many people have been involved in different ways, from eating curries to having quiz nights.

“The girls have been playing their part too, by farming as much of the land as possible to grow some food and enthusiastically prayer walking around the plot and the buildings as they develop.”

The project is still looking for funding to help finish fitting out the house so if you could help, please go to our donate pages, quoting project number 96902.

Nicky also needs help to paint, tile and garden once the rains stop in October. If you, or your church, would like to get involved, email tim@sim.co.uk and we will put you in touch. You’d be especially welcome if you could offer advice on their farming efforts!

By Tim Allan