How will you influence a new generation for the gospel?

How will you influence the next generation for the gospel?

I began my mission journey with SIM after leaving Australia eight months ago.

 In the past few months, I have started partnering with a local student ministry organisation which is affiliated with the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES), a worldwide movement for student evangelism and discipleship amongst universities. And I must say – I’m loving it!

I have participated in student leadership trainings, graduate conferences, one-day Bible study workshops, student camps and staff meetings. We also focus on investment in key student leaders, equipping them to lead Bible study groups in their own communities.

It’s a student ministry targeting students but we’re thinking about longer term. How can we help this generation not only impact the next generation but also maintain momentum for the advancement of the gospel in generations to come? This will influence all aspects of society.

In order to realise this vision, we can’t just reach out to people in the city. We really need to reach all people, including those in remote places and in the mountains. Perhaps the highlight so far has been the student camp held in a mountainous part of the country.

We had to travel 13 hours by vehicle along windy and bumpy roads to reach the camp. My assignment was to give three talks to the students. Many of the 50+ students had walked all day or even two to reach the camp from their village.Speaking in front of so many people was a first for me. Despite the nervousness, I thoroughly enjoyed sharing God’s word and having my Nepali friend translate for me.

If I did this way back home, I would have felt like I was not the right person to do this task. I would have dwelled on my lack of confidence, knowledge and experience. However, none of this came to mind. Even in my weakness, I trusted he would empower me and help me to do his good works. It’s not about me. It’s about him – his purpose, his glory and his people.

Please pray

  • For more people to take up the many opportunities to engage university students world-wide with the Gospel to that the kingdom might be extended into the lives of tomorrow’s leaders in every sphere of life.
By Linda (name changed for security reasons?