Immerse: See why Dawn, Moira and Andy love our mission intern programme

Young people like Dawn Fraser and Moira and Andy Irvine are making the most of Serving In Mission’s Immerse internship programme.

Addiction counsellor Dawn is taking the gospel to women in Nairobi, while teacher Moira and her electrician husband Andy are serving in Bolivia. All three are part of our 2015-16 Immerse programme, which is designed to give young people a real taste of mission.
Dawn (right), who is sent by Glendale Church, Thatcham, said: “I was very nervous to start the Immerse programme but the month of training at Wetheringsett was one of the best of my life! I met some wonderful people, we learnt a lot and had a lot of fun together.

"It was a great way to start the programme and understand more about mission and what was to be expected from our placements.”

Moira, sent by Chalmers Church, Edinburgh, agreed, saying: “Immerse has been, and still is, a great experience for us and we are really glad we decided to do it. Our support from Serving In Mission has been amazing both before we left and now we are here. The month’s training was also a great time to get to know those who work in the home office.”

Moira (above far left) and Andy (above far right) are making the most of their contacts and have been running a Bible study at the language school where they are learning Spanish. This has attracted both Christians and those who do not yet know Christ. They are building friendships both in and outside work and praying for opportunities to share the gospel with their new friends. 

Moira said: “We have learnt that in different cultures there are very different oppositions to the gospel. Here the main issue is that people merge Christianity with pagan religions and Catholicism. God has taught us to rely on and trust him more. We have learnt so much about Bolivians and their culture. The community with other missionaries has been amazing too.”

In Kenya, Dawn has already helped out with ministry in a women’s prison and will soon start running counselling sessions with Ray of Hope, a charity which helps women with substance abuse problems. Dawn is looking forward to sharing the love of Christ with those she ministers to.

She said: “Immerse has developed my reliance on God hugely and I feel that I've grown much closer to him. Even though I was really anxious before leaving the UK, it has been a great opportunity to push past my fear, stop relying on myself and trust in God's plan. He has taught me so much already during my time here and I'm only halfway through!”

Serving In Mission have a number of Immerse placements available to start in September. They range from sports ministry to student work to web design. Each role is vital in our mission to take the gospel to those who have never heard it. 

Check our latest opportunities here or contact Rachel MacInnes ( for more information.

Tim Allan