Christine Story tells her story

It all started with a phone call…

Christine Story, a long time supporter of Serving in Mission rang us. Her 50th wedding anniversary was coming up. She didn’t want family and friends to buy presents. She wanted the money to go to a project in India, where she and her husband met and married over 50 years ago, while serving the Lord. Could we help? We certainly could!

Christine writes:

‘On the 13 January, 1962 the “Caledonia” set sail from Liverpool bound for Bombay, India. I was on board and expecting to be doing secretarial work for Poona and India Village Mission (which after several mergers became part of SIM).

‘A year was spent language learning and accompanying experienced missionaries to the local villages. It was at language school that an energetic, enthusiastic smiling new arrival came bounding up the drive to join the students! The cultural practise of men and women being separate was kept at the school. One morning I was alone on a park bench outside the school. The smiling student asked if he could join me. This was the first time we had ever been alone. Michael didn’t waste any time in asking me to marry him! We were married on 21 March 1964 in Poona. They continued in their work of pioneer evangelism in the surrounding villages, even with a baby in a pram. Illness and other difficulties caused us to return to the UK in 1966, and sadly we did not return to India’.

Michael & Christine’s passion for India goes on. Because it is still so close to their hearts, they asked friends and family to celebrate their Golden Wedding with them by making a donation to evangelism work through community action in India.

They chose our A Taste of India project: small churches in urban areas in North India are being trained and equipped for involvement in community projects. They have started after school clubs, savings clubs and helping disabled people access government help. Through all of these activities they are taking the love of Christ into the community.

Through Mr and Mrs Story’s 50th wedding anniversary celebrations, they have raised over £900 towards the work of this vital project. That’s quite a story!

Does the Story’s story inspire you? What could you do to support God’s work in India?

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