Pastor Mansoor is gospel role model in Pakistan

Pastor Mansoor is gospel role model in Pakistan

There is an urgent need for gifted pastors in Pakistan and Mansoor is undoubtedly one of those.

On a typical Sunday, he will go to the three churches he leads, close to the southern Punjabi town of Rahim Yar Khan.

He is deeply involved in pastoral work at all three churches, leads the regional church fellowship council, disciples young men at a vocational training school and, just for good measure, also runs a school connected to one of his churches.

His journey from farmer’s son to Christian pastor is testament to the work of God and to the wisdom of many mission workers who have helped him along the way.

Serving In Mission’s Clive Barker, who knows Mansoor well, said: “In many ways, he is a model for the way in which we are trying to help the Pakistani church grow, both in numbers and in spiritual maturity.

“He comes from a nominally Christian background but was identified by his church and family as being a potential pastor at an early age. He had been through basic schooling and when he was in his early 20s he went to the Zaraphadh Bible School in Islamabad to study on a three-year diploma course.

“When he graduated, he might have wanted to stay up in the big city but his family encouraged him to come back to Rahim Yar Khan and we’re delighted he did.”

Pastor Mansoor was ordained in 2010 and his ministry has grown and grown since then. He started by being sent to work in small, rural villages — not the most glamorous of postings but one the Pakistani church saw as vital.

He was well placed to do the work because his family had by then moved into the city, so he had a central base from which to travel out.

Since then, he has developed his leadership skills and is now a key figure in the local Pakistani church. He is also blessed by the fact that his wife is a nurse, who earns a salary large enough to free him from the need to get full support from his churches.

Clive said: “Pastor Mansoor is very open to receiving help from missionaries and to learning from them. He very much leads the work but is happy for us to be involved.

“As a leader of the wider fellowship, he’s encouraged us to carry on with our leadership training programmes for pastors.

“We bring pastors together from all over the area and from different ethnic groups to study together, enjoy fellowship together and to share their problems. We encourage them to pray together and for each other.

“The local church leaders, including Mansoor, will usually tell us what sort of training they think their pastors need and then together we work out a programme.

“We try to deliver the training over two days and sometimes they can even bring their wives and families.”

This work is even more remarkable because there are huge barriers between the pastors’ ethnic groups — the Punjabi, the Marwari and the Mengwal. Traditionally, people from those groups would barely speak to each other, so the fact that the pastors are meeting together is a huge testament to the power of the gospel.

Mansoor’s aim is to grow his churches, both in numbers and in the spiritual understanding of their members. 

He is now playing a key role in a church plant in a city five hours to the north of his home, where there are few evangelical churches. He leads several Bible studies a week and also disciples young men who are learning motorcycle maintenance and tailoring skills on courses run through an SIM project. All that is in addition to pastoring his three congregations, one of which is more than 100 strong, preaching and leading the local church network.

He is truly gifted but the challenge for mission workers in Pakistan is to equip and disciple more pastors. As they are taught, so the kingdom of God will grow in a land where few people know who Jesus is.

Please pray

  • For more pastors like Mansoor to be raised up in Pakistan and that they can be equipped, discipled and trained well.

  • For Christians in Pakistan to feel part of God’s global church, even though they live in a country in which they are a minority.

  • For God to call more mission workers to serve in places like Pakistan, where so few people know Jesus.

Tim Allan