Showing God’s love to those in need and sharing Christ with every patient

With fewer than 100 surgeons serving the 20 million inhabitants of Madagascar, the The Good News Hospital in Mandritsara, is a beacon of hope.

The Christian mission hospital has developed and grown gradually since it opened 25 years ago, and today, approximately 1,400 operations are performed each year.

The Friends of Mandritsara Trust UK, which exists to support the work of the hospital and its associated projects is seeking funds and medical equipment for the construction and equipping of a new theatre complex.

The new facility is designed to help realise a three-fold vision, aimed at bringing much-need additional facilities to the hospital and ensuring the long-term sustainability of the project in Mandritsara.

Surgical training options are very limited and the aim is to train Madagascan missionary surgeons to serve both the population of Mandritsara and beyond, holding out the hope of Jesus Christ as they offer compassionate, skilled surgical care.

Based on this need, the surgical department at The Good News Hospital has established the following vision to become a surgical department staffed by a generation of qualified Madagascan missionary surgeons who:

  1. Share the hope of Jesus with every patient that they encounter

  2. Provide compassionate surgical care to meet the large burden of surgical disease in the Mandritsara district and beyond.

  3. Train the next generation of Madagascan missionary surgeons to follow in their footsteps.

Surgeon Ted Watts, sent with SIM UK by Beeston Free Evangelical Church said: “The new operating theatre complex will help to fulfil this vision. It includes three major theatres and one minor theatre, a recovery room and high-dependency area, new sterilisation facilities, and consultation space.

“These important updates will improve patient care, allow for training of Malagasy doctors, and increase the number of operations that we are able to do per year. The new theatre complex will continue to establish the long-term sustainability of the Good News Hospital and project, and its gospel witness in Mandritsara.”

Please pray

  • That the team would have energy and strength for the work and would continue to take every opportunity to share the gospel with patients.

  • For the gospel to spread throughout Mandritsara district and beyond.  For the community health team, the eye team, the Voice of the Good News radio station and the planting of gospel-centred churches.

  • For the realisation of the vision for the surgical department to be training Malagasy missionary surgeons.

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By Kerry Allan