SIM relief aid starts arriving in Mozambique flood zone

SIM relief aid starts arriving in Mozambique flood zone

Relief aid from SIM and its partners is due to arrive in the Mozambique flood region this week.

The shipment includes clothing, 400 bags of maize flour, 400 kilograms of sugar, three tonnes of beans and 750 kilograms of rice from the cities of Lichinga and Cuamba in Mozambique's Niassa province.

SIM’s team there worked with other agencies, churches and businesses to identify needs, gather resources and deliver them to affected areas. SIM Disaster Relief Funds helped with some of the costs.

“It’s great to see the unity of the churches and the organisations coming together to help,” said Timothy George, treasurer and administrator for the SIM team in Mozambique.

Although SIM’s team works in the north of the country, Timothy said many of them know people who live and serve in the affected areas near Beira, Chimoio and Dombe.

The exact destination of SIM's truck will depend on which areas can be reached, because many roads have been washed out and some areas have already received aid.

Mozambique had already seen heavy rainfalls before Cyclone Idai tore into the country March 14 with torrential rains, winds over 106 mph, and storm surges that in some areas exceeded four metres.*

Timothy said: “Thankfully, the rainy season is coming to an end, so hopefully it dries up quick, but we’ve had an extremely rainy rainy season here. It’s all low-lying land so if there is a lot of rain, it can easily flood.”

Timothy said they hope to send another truck later. He also said they want to send a team to help but know that doing so sometimes causes a burden, so they are consulting with people in the flooded areas to consider the best ways to help. If they can arrange to fly in and out, then that might open more possibilities.

“The prayer is that God’s word, God’s truth, God’s glory and honour would be proclaimed through the acts of people that are loving people even though they don’t know them, coming to their aid even though they’ve never met before,” Timothy said.

SIM’s Disaster Relief Fund exists to provide help to SIM workers and their ministries in areas affected by such events.

To make a donation to the Disaster Relief Fun, go to and quote project number 88600.

Please pray

  • for wisdom and resources as people try to respond in love to this crisis.

  • for relief efforts to reach the injured and homeless as quickly as possible. 

  • that SIM workers will be able to show the love of Christ in all they do to help those affected and as they partner with others to deliver aid. 

  • for God’s mercy in a situation which has devastated so many lives.


By Brian Heffron, SIM South African Service Centre