Taste of India

Like curry and enjoy spending time with friends? We’ve got a great idea for you!

Could you hold a curry night to raise funds for community projects run by urban churches in India?

Pastor Suman and his wife, Gloria, planted a church in a poor community in North India where most people live in poorly built, often single-roomed, houses. There is little sanitation, with open drains and rubbish everywhere. Some people have menial jobs to meet their basic needs. Many have no paid work at all. As Pastor Suman and his wife ministered God’s Word, people began to put their faith in Christ. Soon sixty people, many from Hindu backgrounds, were meeting regularly for worship.

Pastor Suman and Gloria wanted to respond to the community’s social needs. They began an after-school club for children but they wanted to do something more. The question was ‘what?’

The Emmanuel Hospital Association (EHA) Urban Development Project (UDP) was born out of a desire to work more closely with local churches, training them to help with social needs in their community more effectively.

The UDP staff assessed the needs in the community with Pastor Suman and Gloria, and a micro-credit self-help group was set up. Fifteen women formed the first group called Khushi Bachat Sangh (Happiness Savings Group). They meet monthly, have elected officials and contribute Rs200 (£2) a month. When a need arises, members can borrow any amount, paying it back in 10 months with an interest rate of 2%. Local money-lenders would charge 10% per month.

News has spread about the Khushi Bachat Sangh. Now there is another group of women in the area starting up their own group.

Veer Singh is a respected member of his community and member of the church. ‘I work as a tailor. I am passionate about caring for those in need, I visit people’s homes and pray with them and tell them about God’s love. Often I accompany a sick person to hospital and help them access treatment.’

Veer Singh is part of a UDP group. He wants to learn more in order to be of greater use to others. He cares deeply for disabled people, and already helps six in his church’s community. UDP staff linked each person to government services to enable them to receive benefits. He shares the love of Christ with them and desires that they would know God personally.

Please pray for this work:

  • for the churches as they serve their communities
  • that more church members will reach out to their neighbours as Veer Singh is doing
  • that those whose lives are touched will respond to God’s love

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Why not organise A Taste of India night? Invite your friends for an evening of good food, laughter and conversation, then make a difference to small churches in India by donating what you saved on a night out to A Taste of India.

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