Typhoon Haiyan – Philippines appeal

On 8 November 2013, super typhoon Haiyan brought massive devastation to the Philippines.

Give Now Typhoon Haiyan resulted in significant loss of life, properties and dreams. The DEC (Disasters Emergency Committee) reports that around 4.3 million people living in the path of the storm have had their lives torn apart and an estimated 12,000 people have died.

Serving in Mission is responding to this great need. We need your help as we work with the local churches. In selected areas of Eastern Visayas, Serving in Mission will be partnering with local churches and organisations. Local church leaders will guide the team to specific communities where help can be given. There they can distribute aid and comfort victims.

A team of eight SIM personnel will travel to the identified areas when the government has assured the security of the relief workers. The team will pack and distribute relief goods. They also plan to conduct medical clinics and trauma counselling. If there are sufficient funds, homes will be rebuilt and basic school supplies will be given to children.

We seek to serve the whole community. There will be measures in place to ensure the non-discriminatory distribution of relief provision.

The plan is to help 1000 families in three stages:
Stage 1 – Relief: Funds will be used to help survivors and their families with the basic needs of food, water, blankets, mats, used clothes, medicines, candles/matches and home utensils.
Stage 2 – Aid: Facilitate medical clinic and trauma counselling in partnership with doctors, nurses and counsellors.
Stage 3 – Rebuild: To rebuild houses destroyed by the disaster. As funds allow we will also give some basic school supplies to school children.

  • £15 will provide food, clothing, clean water, blankets, and cooking utensils for one family
  • £10 will provide medicines and trauma counselling materials for one family
  • £20 will provide housing materials and school supplies for one family

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Pray with our team in the Philippines:

  • that help will reach all affected areas soon
  • for those who are grieving
  • that the dead can be buried soon
  • that peace and order will be restored and upheld
  • that people with no homes will find refuge even just temporary shelter
  • for efficient help from the local government, NGOs, and international aid
  • that in the midst of this crisis, people will be able to sense God's love and care as believers reach out to support them

Thank you

Kathie Cornelius