Waves of Hope are pouring through the mountains of Ecuador

Father-of-two Klever is living proof that radio programmes can change lives.

The 43-year-old merchant, who lives in Loja, in the south of Ecuador, explained: "I started listening to Radio Waves of Hope 10 years ago because of recommendations from friends and family. They insisted that certain programmes can help you change your life."

When he and his wife were struggling with marriage issues, Klever began searching for help in all the wrong places.

"But right at that time," he said, "I started listening to a  programme called Crusade with [world famous evangelist] Luis Palau. It gave biblical teaching about everyday problems. The programme left me thinking about how we as parents should be guides for our children. After that I began reading the Bible myself, and really, it was all there, exactly as the speaker had taught."

Since then, Klever has continued to tune into the programme every day, excited to learn more and to see how God can transform his life.

Besides the biblical messages, Klever also loves the music on Waves of Hope, which is different from what he listened to before. The songs about the love of God and life in community with family and neighbors speak deeply to his heart.

Klever now attends a local church in Loja with his whole family, where he continues to grow in the ways of the Lord.

Loja is dotted with remote villages that are difficult to access. Radio is a wonderful tool to share the most important message: the hope we have through Jesus's sacrifice on the cross.

Waves of Hope transmits quality biblical programming to strengthen families and share the gospel in southern Ecuador. 

Klever encourages the radio staff to keep moving forward, overcoming obstacles, and reminding them that they're doing a great ministry for the community.

Waves of Hope has been a huge blessing to Klever, and many people have been changed and restored by coming to know Christ through radio.

Please pray

  • That radio listeners like Klever can continue to tune in to Christian programming in the current medium.

  • For the station to return to FM frequency soon, and for the government to ease restrictions and regulations.

  • For volunteers to help with local programmes.

  • For financial support to keep this radio ministry project on the air.

Tim Allan