Why discipleship matters in God's global mission

Why discipleship matters in God's global mission

During the last 12 years here in Ecuador, God has really shown me the importance of discipleship. 

I have had the privilege to share the gospel with many people here and I have had the privilege to be there when they have accepted Christ as their Lord and Saviour. But I have also seen many of them fall away from having a faith in Christ, returning to their life before.   

I truly regret not fighting for their attention, for not challenging them to study God’s word with me and other believers and for not realising earlier the importance of helping them establish strong, deep roots in God’s word.

The good news is that not everyone I have witnessed accepting Christ has fallen away. There are some for whom I have had the privilege of modelling a Christian life,  of teaching them how to have a deeper relationship with God, and of having a Christian fellowship which glorifies him. 

Part of discipleship is also equipping new believers to share their faith and disciple other new believers. Last year, the SIM team developed a discipleship training course which can equip local believers to disciple other believers. The material is practical and clearly explains the importance of discipleship and the different stages in our Christian lives.

It shows how to lead someone from being spiritually dead to being a spiritual parent. We were able to do the training with the church in Portete, a small village in the Loja Province. Through teaching it there, we have been able to refine it and make it more understandable and practical for any believer to use. 

I've had the privilege of discipling many believers and I am very grateful to say they are still walking with God. Some are involved in ministry in other areas of Ecuador and some are arriving at the point where they are about to start doing ministry. But all of them are starting to see changes in their lives and the people around them because of their growing faith. 

I would like to encourage you all to disciple a new believer, just like Christ did with the disciples. Remember Matthew 28:18-20 – We as believers are commanded by God to make disciples!

Chandra Smith, SIM worker