Your prayers matter

As people follow Jesus’ footsteps into mission, it is imperative they are surrounded by a firm network of prayer supporters.

Life does not get easier when serving overseas — many of the same problems and frustrations are present, along with additional ‘location-specific’ issues. Spiritual attacks may well increase, as the Enemy tries to prevent us from telling others about Jesus.

Yet we are not walking with our crosses alone. Time and again, we read prayer letters from our workers overseas who are hugely encouraged by the faithful prayers and support of friends and prayer groups ‘back home’.

A young family serving in Benin, individual workers serving in Ghana and Zambia, another family serving in Zimbabwe — they have all recently expressed their gratefulness for prayer during difficult times in their ministries.

Prayer support is not just a nice accessory to a mission worker’s toolkit; it’s a foundational pillar of their ministry. Whether it is uncertainty about a placement, for courage to persevere in language-learning or relationship-building, or for opportunity to share Christ in unstable political situations, the importance of prayer supporters to the spiritual survival of a mission worker cannot be overstated.

Everything we do at SIM is by prayer. We meet daily in prayer as a staff team and we thank God that thousands of people across the country are committing to regular prayer for his work around the world.

Each of our SIM workers has a network of praying contacts and there are currently 18 local prayer groups that meet regularly around the UK to lift up the work of SIM to the Lord. Six of these are in Northern Ireland, with the rest scattered across central and southern England and Wales.

Why not see if there is one close to you? (And if not, we’d love to help you set up a group in your area.)
For more information, please email Linda Hunt (, our prayer coordinator.