Welcome to Angola, the largest Portuguese-speaking country in Africa. After the end of the Portuguese colonial regime in 1975, there was a long a bitter civil war until 2002. Opportunities for the gospel are now wide open as once inaccessible areas become reachable — and people are asking for help!

Team's Vision
We want to see

  • A unified body of Christ in a peaceful nation able to give every man, woman, and child the opportunity to hear, understand, and accept the Gospel of Jesus and to become intimately involved with a vibrant church reaching others with the same message.
  • A network of holistic ministries stretching across the country, so that an integrated model of Christianity is visible throughout the land.
  • A team of missionaries who joyfully and effectively partner with the church as they “equip the saints for the work of ministry.”

Ministry Profile
We and our partner church the Union of Evangelical Churches in Angola (UIEA) face the challenge of immense human suffering , and a great lack of discipleship and leadership training. In addition, we see the need to build unity among churches that were on opposite sides during the civil war.
We are a partner of the UIEA in its priority ministries: urban church planting/discipleship , and meeting human need.
 We work with Angolan staff in training leaders at various levels, to serve churches throughout the nation.
Our human need priorities are medical care, agricultural development, and education. Through these ministries, we demonstrate God’s compassion and  can share the message of his love in Christ.

Unreached People
There are several largely unreached tribes in Angola: the Mumuila, Mbwela (Nganguela), Mungambwe, Kwangali, Himba and Nyaneka. 
Note: Missionaries from the UK and other European countries have found it very difficult to obtain work permits for Angola in recent years. This is a serious matter for prayer.