Welcome to the Republic of Benin, a nation with a rich heritage of art, culture, and politics, once the seat of the powerful Dahomey kingdom. Benin is known as the home of voodoo and fetishism still underlies much of the daily life of the people, although the church is growing and strong. 

Ministry Vision
Our goal is to see believers and churches in Benin obedient to the Word of God, imitators of Christ, dependent on the Holy Spirit, full of compassion and serving the Lord in unity. 
Current Ministry
Our partner church is the Union des Eglises Evangéliques du Bénin (UEEB) which today includes almost 500 congregations in 11 language groups led by 270 pastors. Our ministries include

  • Translation and literacy: three teams working on the Old Testament; the Fulfulde and Sola New Testaments were recently published.
  • Radio: we partner with UEEB to produce radio programmes in 15 languages and broadcast on 20 FM stations throughout the country.
  • Medical: the Bembéréké Evangelical Hospital and several satellite dispensaries.
  • Theological education: we provide some teachers and would welcome more.
  • General education: our main involvement is with the girls’ school where basic skills including literacy are taught. Teacher training workshops based on Christian worldview principles have become an annual event.
  • Leadership development and evangelism: we help with training in leadership, team building, evangelism and church planting.

Prayer Points

  • Strategies in response to the vision for unreached people groups.
  • Recruitment of more missionaries, including some from the region.  
  • New and healthy partnerships as we expand in territory and scope of ministry.
  • Missionaries who are true disciples and want to disciple others in an effective field mentoring programme.