Welcome to Botswana, a nation in south-central Africa known for the vast Kalahari Desert and the San people who live there. The largest ethnic group is the Tswana, a Bantu people from whom the nation derives its name. Young people form half of the population and HIV/AIDS has taken a tremendous toll. 

Ministry Vision
We want to see every person in Botswana having the opportunity to respond to the Good News, grow in obedience to God, and become part of a local church fellowship.

Current Ministry
Work among the remote desert dwellers of the Kalahari is on-going and we have had missionaries have worked deep in the Kalahari Desert for the last eight years, with the central task of reaching  !Xoon speakers in their own language. This evangelistic ministry among mainly illiterate people works hand-in-hand with translation as !Xoon Christians will help establish words for basic theological concepts.
Children are another major focus, from helping in a primary school to running a Sunday school to receiving 40-50 children each afternoon for a prepared meal and Bible lesson.

Prayer points

  • That God will reveal his vision to expand and develop the ministry of SIM Botswana under the new registration.
  • Perseverance, encouragement and fruit in the work among the remote desert dwellers of the Kalahari.
  • The aviation and care ministry of Flying Mission.
  • New missionaries as they learn Setswana and move into their long-term ministries.