Burkina Faso

Welcome to Burkina Faso, a small nation in western Africa where Islam and local fetishism serve as the religion of choice for most people. Burkinabe and SIM missionaries partner in seven locations. 

Ministry Vision
We work alongside churches and other Christian organisations to plant and strengthen the church throughout Burkina Faso. Our primary partner is the Eglises Evangéliques SIM (EE-SIM)

Current Ministries

  • The Pastors' Book Set project: We held four conferences and distributed 3000 mini-libraries in November  2011, resulting in greater unity among denominations and churches.
  • Fulani ministry: Evangelistic efforts, and an interdenominational Fulani Bible school, established in 2010.
  • Translation: The New Testament in Fulfulde has been printed and is being distributed
  • The Institut Missiologique du Sahel (IMS): IMS prepares leaders from several West African countries for their roles in new mission sending agencies.
  • Friends in Action: A well-drilling evangelistic ministry in villages with little to no Christian witness,which is followed up by the local churches.
  • Health/Medical: God is using our two health centres to meet many health and spiritual needs.
  • The Handicapped Centre: We demonstrate God’s care for this vulnerable segment of Burkinabé society.
  • English for Everyone: We reach out to a student and professional population, combining teaching and evangelism through free discussion of the Word of God.
  • Children’s Ministry: We use several opportunities including teaching English to developing resources for Bible schools, kids' clubs, and discipleship groups.
  • SIM and the EE-SIM: We work together to respond to the HIV and AIDs pandemic, and to provide leadership training for ministries and institutions.

Prayer Points

  • The Fulani Bible School and spiritual growth of its students.
  • The Institut Missiologique du Sahel's future ministry and programmes.
  • The on-going spiritual impact of the various relief, development and service ministries.
  • Financial provision for a variety of ministries and new initiatives.
  • EE-SIM and their administrative and financial needs.
  • Wisdom for our leaders in establishing priorities and managing new opportunities, especially our expansion into Mali.