Côte D'Ivoire

Welcome to Côte d'Ivoire, a linguistic tapestry of at least 60 languages and an ethnic composition which includes many indigenous groups as well as large populations of expatriate Lebanese and French. Although 40% of Ivorians are Muslim, the nation boasts two of the largest Catholic cathedrals in the world and almost 10% of the people are evangelical. 

Team's Vision
By faith, we see each people group of Côte d'Ivoire having a church that will transform society through its love, purity, and passion to fulfil the Great Commission.
Ministry Profile
We serve the Ivorian people through ministries including radio outreach (through the FM station Fréquence Vie), church planting, mobilising the church for Muslim ministry, Bible correspondence courses and small business development. In accordance with its emphasis on new initiatives in mission, SIM has established its new West Africa office in Abidjan.

Our Partner Church
Congregations in Abidjan and in Odienne reach out to Muslims. Converts are at times expelled from their families and deprived of their means of support, calling for wise and compassionate response on the part of the church. One such response is a ministry where women who have become Christians learn sewing, jewellery making and other related skills.