Welcome to Guinea, one of the least evangelised countries in sub-Saharan Africa. Because of their Marxist policies and pro-Islamic stance, past leaders frequently persecuted the church, but today there is a new sense of freedom for the work of sharing Jesus' life and love in this nation.

Ministry Vision
By faith we see a vibrant, maturing Church bringing Jesus' transformation to Upper Guinea and beyond.

Current Ministry

  • Our community health education and evangelism (CHE) programme focuses on holistic health training in seven different villages on a regular basis. We teach practical health principles along with Bible stories, and in some villages, additional literacy teaching and children’s health clubs are available. In addition, we teach seminars at a missionary training school, exposing Guinean missionaries to holistic health principles.
  • Media ministry includes a recording studio where materials are recorded in the Maninka language, including books of the Bible translated and dramatized for distribution to radio stations and other ministries. The translation and recording of the God's Story video and The Way of Righteousness radio programmes are underway.
  • We partner with Pioneers Bible Translators to translate the Bible into the Maninka language.
  • We also seek to make discipleship a part of our daily relationships. We help with health and physical needs, teach English and computer skills, and serve in other ways as opportunities arise.

Prayer Points

  • That SIM missionaries will be led and empowered by the Spirit, persevering with joy.
  • Effective partnerships and growing relationships with Guinean believers.
  • Boldness to sow the seed and that the sowing would bear fruit.
  • The publication and distribution of audio materials.
  • Clear direction as we move into new areas of ministry.