Welcome to Kenya, a rich and diverse country:  rain forest in the west; Mount Kenya (5199m) in the central highlands, desert-like conditions in the northeast and tropical beaches along the eastern coast by the Indian Ocean. There is a great diversity between urban and rural areas, from cosmopolitan Nairobi to sparsely populated rural areas. Cultures and languages are also very diverse, with English as the national language.

Vision Statement
We want to see the Church in Kenya multiplying and growing in spiritual maturity, led by gifted and well trained pastors and leaders, vigorously engaged in gospel outreach across Kenya and around the globe

Ministry Profile
We have four ministry teams, cooperating with each other:
Team 1: Working alongside Kenyan churches, partnering with them in areas of children, youth, women, evangelism and discipleship, and HIV & AIDS ministries
Team 2: Focusing our outreach efforts on pastoral nomads, Borana, Coastal Swahili and Asian populations
Team 3: Working in institutions such as primary schools, missionary kid (MK) schools, theological institutions and hospitals.
Team 4: Our support focus team serves  the other three in finances, member care, HR and team leadership.

Our Partners
We work closely with the Africa Inland Church (AIC) and with other churches and Christian organisations. We pursue and cultivate collaborative partnerships in order to be as effective as possible in outreach and discipleship.

Prayer Points

  • Growth and depth of maturity in the churches , with increased missionary vision
  • Effective outreach into the unreached people groups
  • Thriving institutions serving people and churches in Kenya and further afield