Welcome to Senegal, an independent nation since 1960, after three centuries of colonial French rule, where the strong control of conservative Muslim religious leaders is being questioned by the country’s youth. 

Ministry Vision
Our team's vision is to glorify God in Senegal by proclaiming the Gospel; planting, strengthening, and partnering with churches as we:

  • evangelize the unreached and disciple believers into churches
  • minister to human need
  • equip churches to fulfil Christ's commission

Our Wolof Church-Planting team shares the vision to establish mature Wolof-speaking churches in both rural and urban areas where the Lord leads us as a team.

Current Ministry
The Wolof people comprise 42.5% of the population, and more than 80% of  Senegalese speak the Wolof language.
SIM missionaries work in health and development projects, friendship evangelism, Bible studies, theological education, chronological storytelling, literature and tape distribution, radio broadcasts, literacy and facilitating song writing in Wolof. Our goal is to plant churches, and we are praying for more workers to join us. Twenty people groups in Senegal still do not know of Jesus' love and forgiveness.
Partner Church
Although SIM partners with no single church, approximately 45 evangelical churches now exist in Senegal, and four of them are among the Wolof.